Build Community

How do you find your people as an adult? No matter where you’ve moved post-graduation, there are tons of opportunities for you to get involved with the Wake Forest Alumni Community, build your network, participate in those great Wake Forest traditions you know and love, give back and find friends. 

First, update your contact information. Why? This is how you get on the list to get invited to events and programs happening in your area, and get the monthly Wake Alumni e-newsletter to stay in the know. 

Second, join Wake Communities and Affinity Groups. These are groups arranged by geographic area, identity, experience, or interest area. These groups celebrate Wake Forest traditions like Lovefeast, Hit the Bricks, and Pro Humanitate Days, host networking events and social events, sponsor guest speakers, and build community. Each fall, Wake Communities host a Wake Welcome for new alumni in the area, so be sure to update your contact information to get your invite! 

Join the Wake Forest Alumni LinkedIn Group. This group is designed to facilitate connections between alumni and to share programs, events, and resources relevant to the personal and career development of group members, including job postings. This group is a great place to start building your professional network and making connections with potential mentors, sponsors, and other connectors.