Get Started at Work

Getting started at work comes with a lot of new experiences, feelings, challenges, and opportunities. How do you figure out what to do, when, and how to do it effectively? How do you make the most of this moment, to get your career started on the right foot?

There aren’t easy answers to these questions, but here are some resources to help you get started:  

Resources to support your growth and development 

The Alumni Personal & Career Development Center Expert Advice Archive provides on-demand guidance and tools to support your growth, ranging from boundaries and budgeting to decision-making and goal-setting to work strategies and work-life balance and everything in between. If you need additional guidance, request a conversation with a career coach. And, our Alumni Career Advisers are a group of hand-selected alumni who have volunteered to help you figure out where you are and your next steps.

For School of Business alumni, career support, networking opportunities, and educational programs and resources can be found on the School of Business Alumni website.

Resources to support belonging and inclusion: From job searching while LGBTQ to allyship at work to deciding whether to disclose a disability, you can find resources from experts on the Alumni Personal & Career Development Center website. Additionally, Wake Forest Alumni Affinity Groups provide opportunities for you to connect with fellow Deacs based on identity, experience, or interest areas, including WakeNOW (Network of Women), AWFUBA (The Association of Wake Forest University Black Alumni), HOLAA (Wake Forest HispanicLatino Alumni Association), and more. To stay connected to the LGBTQ+ Center, sign up for the LGBTQ+ Center Alumni Newsletter.